5 Ugly Sweater Outfit Ideas – 2020 Style Guide

Brisk air marks the time to take out your ugly holiday sweaters from the wardrobe or purchase new ones. If you enjoy wearing cozy, comfortable, and warm outfits, you’re probably thrilled that it is finally sweater weather. There are so many options and styles when it comes to ugly sweaters. They can be matched and mixed with various pieces and accessories to make plenty of unique looks. No matter your taste in fashion, a sweater is, without a doubt, the most amazing and universal piece of clothing for winter, fall, and sometimes early spring. Since it is possible to wear them for more than half of the year, having various styling options can be useful.

Whether it is an ugly sweater or a trendy one, there are many ways you can style one to look fashionable in the colder months. In this style guide, we talk about all the ways you can style an ugly sweater to look fashionably unfashionable. These sweater outfit combinations will help you stay and look hot even in the cold weather.

Boots, slim-fit jeans, and boots

It is a classic look- and for a reason. There is nothing better than wearing a cozy, over-sized ugly knit with slim-fit jeans and black boots. It is a simple and convenient look that works for almost any occasion. You can amp it up by wearing silver accessories, such as earrings and bracelets. If you are wearing mid-waisted jeans, you can do a messy French-tuck with the ugly sweater for a more figure-hugging but casual and effortless fit. You can also pair it with the trendy 90s Mom jeans. Their high-waisted design is perfect for lengthening your legs and shortening the upper body. Tuck the sweater into the jeans completely and then loosen up the tuck slightly and let the sweater hang around your waist.

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Layer it up

Layering clothes is the best way to stay warm during winter and looks extremely fashionable. Bundle up with an ugly sweater and wear a long open-coat on top. It can be black or a contrasting color. Make sure the pants you choose are of the same color as the coat. This way, your bright and bold ugly sweater will serve as the statement piece of the look.

Comfy and Chic Skirt and Sweater Look

Many girls are intimidated by the idea of wearing oversized, ugly sweaters with skirts. They believe it’ll make their figure look wonky. However, what you should know is that the key to pulling off this messy-chic style is balance. You can pair oversized, ugly sweaters with any type of skirt- whether it is leather, pleated, denim, short, midi, or long. One of the best ways to wear an ugly sweater with a skirt is to style it in a messy way. You can tuck the front part of the sweater into a skirt for an “I don’t even care about my clothes” type of effortless vibe. After all, fashion is all about styling ugly things in a way that it makes them look cool.

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Another style trick that has been there for ages yes still successfully produces an interesting and unique feel for any outfit matching and mixing prints. Of course, it can be hard to find a skirt with the same design as your ugly sweater, but you can find one with the same color. Pair them together with matching shoes, purse, and sunglasses for a retro and clean one-color look. You can also wear opposing patterns together. For instance, if your sweater has stripes, wear a plaid skirt. If the combination of the two looks disjointed, add a neutral layer, and it will all come together. A denim jacket or trench coat usually works.

Colorful pants and matching accessories

An easy pairing that anyone can pull off is a matching handbag with colorful pants. Pair your ugly sweater with pants of a contrasting color. Pair it with heeled boots and black sunglasses to add some class to the outfit.

Sweater with T-shirt

Ugly sweaters are generally brightly colored, so pairing it with jeans or a pair of muted earthy-toned chinos will get the job done. But you can always take it a step ahead. One such way is to layer it with a button-down shirt. It’s crazy how this minute detail changes the entire feel of your outfit. You go from looking like a casual couch potato to the CEO of the ugly sweater factory. It complements the bright tones of your sweater and makes them feel more palpable and less abrasive. The best button down you can go for is one with short collars, tucked away neatly under the sweater. The white color is most preferable, but you can still experiment with the shirt’s color and patterns. Go for paler, pastel tones, or stripes and patterns, but make sure it does not overpower your sweater. Your ugly sweater should always be the center of attention of your outfit. You can also experiment with tucking. You can either leave the shirt completely tucked away like a good boy, or you could have it half-tucked with the sleeves folded up over the sweater to spice things up a bit.

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Who would have known that ugly sweaters can be so stylish! GetUglySweaters.com is new to the scene but is already making statements. Ugly sweaters allow you to express your individuality in a witty and ironic way while feeling cozy and comfortable. Fashion is all about looking absolutely ridiculous but somehow pulling it off. Ugly sweaters make this process fun and bring people with the same interests and humor together.

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