4 Best Ugly Sweaters for the Holiday Season 2022

The Santa season is near. And what could be a better way to enjoy and celebrate this festive time than traditional ugly holiday sweaters that remind you of your grandmother. It is the perfect season to be fashionably unfashionable, wear bold, hot reds and dirty, fungi greens. The best place to find such sweaters is at GetuglySweaters.com. What makes our ugly sweaters the best for the holiday season:

  • They are made with premium, high-quality acrylic yarn- a non-allergenic and lightweight material.
  • All of them have a high thread count to ensure extra coziness and warmth.
  • Reinforced, durable stitching, and clean sewing work
  • Machine-washable

You should put on something casual and comfortable at this time of the year that makes you feel witty and happy- an Ugly Sweater is your answer. Whether you love the Seinfield holiday episode, celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or believe in Mr. Claus, there is a special ugly holiday sweater out there made just for you. In this article, we will list the four best ugly sweaters for the 2020 holiday season. Select any of these ugly and hilariously bad holiday sweaters, and you will be on your way to win the best-dressed award at the next Christmas party!

Grinch Trump Unisex Sweater

Your grandma might not appreciate this sweater a lot, but at least you will attract decent people while wearing it. This ugly sweater features The Grinch- a pot-bellied, hairy, snub-nosed, pear-shaped creature with a cynical personality and a cat-like appearance. (Okay, maybe this might offend a cat too.) And he does not like Christmas! (He must be fun at parties.) However, in this sweater, his hair is eerily similar to a certain political figure whose personality is quite similar to the Grinch and has small hands- Donald Trump. Both the Grinch AND Donald Trump on a SWEATER!? It does not get uglier than this. Plus, the hybrid between the two is hilarious. The text reads, “His hands and heart were two sizes too small.” This tacky piece of clothing may stir up some debate, but it is truly one-of-a-kind. It is a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter for holiday get-togethers and parties.

Men's Fake News Grinch Ugly Sweater

Christmas Story Shoot Your Eye Unisex Sweater

Everyone has a favorite Christmas film. They get you in the Christmas spirit. It is “Home Alone” that does it for some; for others, it is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Thre are many who love “A Christmas Story,” also commonly referred to as “Shoot Your Eye Out.” The movie is known for this phrase. The quirky movie is about a boy who wants a BB gun, and everyone tells him he will shoot his eye out. His mother, teacher, and Santa Claus all give him the same warning. Nevertheless, he gets the gun, and well, he shoots his eye out. This well-loved flick nails the Christmas spirit, and what better way to commemorate it than get a sweater with a catchphrase popularized by it. Maybe it is not good to get a BB gun, but you can get this sweater instead. It is one hell of an ugly sweater and will surely be fan-favorite at the next holiday get-together.

shoot your eye out ugly christmas sweater

That is What She Said Unisex Sweater

If a Santa Claus tells you are on his naughty list this year, point at your sweater. Inspired by The Office, it is a great sweater to add to your ugly holiday sweater collection. It pays tribute to a great television line that evokes groan-worthy innuendo in daily-life conversations.

The phrase that never seems to get old. Life is filled with opportunities- to say this phrase. So, would not it be more convenient if you wear in on a sweater? Channel your inner Michael Scott, with this original Get Ugly sweaters, complete with a festive green and red pattern that is just as loud as his personality. You will surely stand out at the next Christmas bash at Dunder Mifflin’s. This sweater will keep reminding people every time they say something that can also be said in a bedroom. It is the perfect icebreaker and will keep everyone laughing.

that's what she said ugly sweater

It’s Lit Hannukkah Unisex Sweater

If you celebrate Hannukkah, instead of Christmas, we have got you covered (with an ugly sweater) too! After all, ugly sweaters are not just for Christmas. Turn heads and make people’s eyes hurt in this absolutely ugly ensemble. It features a lit menorah over a bright blue sweater and a text that reads, “It’s Lit.” Show off this sweater on all eight nights and prove to everyone that the menorah is not the only thing that is lit this holiday season.

Women's It's Lit! Ugly Hanukkah Sweater 1

GetUglySweaters.com has plenty of ugly sweaters perfect for the 2020 holiday season. Apart from the traditional holiday-related designs with Santa’s, reindeers, and Christmas trees, you will also find witty, holiday sweaters with popular references from Christmas movies, TV shows, pop culture, and memes. Therefore, these ugly sweaters also make for a good gift. If someone is into these things, you can give them an ugly sweater they will cherish forever. Or you can choose to give them one with something weirdly hilarious written on it, and the two of you can share that inside joke forever! After all, the holiday season is all about reconnecting with people- spending time with your loved ones, reminding your friends how much you matter to them, sharing gifts, laughter, and joy. And nothing brings people together better than ugly sweaters.

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