The Most Timeless Christmas Music Videos Ever

Admit it: there’s something about Christmas music videos that just really resonates with us.

Whether it’s the festive and adorable outfits, or the overall warm and fuzzy Christmas-y vibes we get, we tend to be okay with the same classic videos playing every year. We know all the words (and maybe even the dance moves), and sing right along in our obnoxious santa hats. Christmas music videos are juust the best. If you’re saying “yaaas” in your head, then you’ve to the right place; here’s our list of the best Christmas music videos of all time.

The Best Christmas Music Videos (in no particular order)

Mariah Carey (The queen of Christmas music) – All I Want For Christmas Is You



Tbh, MC’s hit is basically the dictionary definition of Christmas. Like, if you look up “Christmas” and a shot from this video doesn’t come up, you probably live on a different planet. The second this intro starts, everyone knows it’s going down.

“Ahhhhh-eye, don’t waaaaant a lottttttt…”


Festive Biebs Version


And let’s not forget this legendary rendition featuring the Biebs himself.


Wham! (or Glee): “Last Christmas”



Not sure if anyone ever needs a good cry on Christmas, but if this happens to be you, this is 1000% your song. And yes, the vid miiiight be a little strange, but there’s no denying all the feels.


Glee Version



Did someone say feels?? Yep, just thinking about Lea and Cory already has us in tears.


Justin Bieber: “Mistletoe”



Good ‘ole Biebs and (what is now) a good ‘ole Christmas classic. And you can’t lie—we all wanted to be the girl JB ditched “playing in the winter snow” for.


Chris Brown: “This Christmas”



Yeah, yeah, lots of drama w Breezy—but this song, video, AND movie have gone down in history. Definitely one of our Christmas faves.


Ariana Grande: “Santa Tell Me”



This is the song that gets stuck in your head the second you hear it—and you’re not always mad about it. Plus, we lowkey (high key) wish we were invited to Ari’s mansion slumber party, tbh.


NSYNC: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 


When Santa is away, the boys will play! How could we forget these adorable guys? They graced us with this masterpiece backed in 1998, when elf Gary Coleman decided it was time for the crew to take matters in their own hands. It’s just an over feel good song, and will definitely give you throwback vibes!


TLC: Sleigh Ride


Did you know this was a part of the Home Alone 2 soundtrack? The video shows how the TLC ladies spreads Christmas cheer and helping those in need.

Hall & Oates: Jingle Bell Rock 



Ah, this classic tune! Doesn’t this song make you feel the holiday happiness as soon as you hear it? H&O takes it to another level by having their very own, popping Christmas party.

Destiny’s Child: 8 Days of Christmas

Doesn’t it feel like Christmas? Bey and her gang took the toy store to slay! Surely after you’ve seen this video and heard the song, you’d also want a diamond belly ring for yourself!


Michael Buble: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


With Buble’s soothing vocals, and a song that was sure to get you excited even when you were in diapers, you’ll love this swanky version for sure! So what are you waiting for? Curl up by the fireplace with eggnog in hand, and enjoy this classic once more!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to blast these songs while you make yourself a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

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