The Most Over-the-Top Christmas Trees Ever

‘Tis the season to be extra (fa-lalalala-lala-lala!).

Christmas is here and it’s finally time for your favorite holiday tradition: decorating the tree. *Cue Oh Christmas Tree*

And we all know how it goes down; there are typically three kinds of tree-decorators. The first, is the over-the-top aspiring tree stylist, who chooses a new theme each year (because heaven forbid we reuse ornaments). The second, is the ultra-traditional decorator who pulls out boxes of ancient ornaments that have been passed down through generations (including the hideous snowflake you made in pre-K). And the third, is most of us, who only care about what’s under the tree—a.k.a. I’ll just wrap a string of lights around it and call it a day.

But what we often fail to discuss, is the realm of tree-decorators that exists beyond average-ville (population: us).

This may be news to you, but there are people out there breathing the same oxygen as you, who take this task very seriously. This is not merely a tradition, it’s a crazy-competition—in which these extra AF people think they’ve claimed victory. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see for yourself!

Here’s our list of the craziest Christmas trees of all time!

This looks like something straight out of our nightmares…no thanks.

Christmas tree taking up the whole room


Um, quick question: is it or is not colder in their house now?? If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

A Christmas tree that looks like it went through the roof



Oh how nice, another nightmarish tree. Waking up to this on Christmas morning is high key worse than coal in your stocking.

A Christmas tree shaped like a dinosaur


Oooh, check us out—we’re different, unique, moving with the times. NO, an upside down Christmas tree is just so wrong. Please take your creative vision elsewhere.

Upside down Christmas tree



I guess there isn’t really anything to be mad about when it comes to this one…but maybe the fact that 100 families in this town are probably tree-less this year.

A giant Christmas tree made of lots of Christmas trees


We’re not really sure what the creative vision behind this, but we’re really not feeling it.

A Christmas tree decorated with lights from around the house


Someone get this Christmas tree spine surgery … For realsies.

A bent, sparse Christmas tree


Even if skateboarding is life.. Please don’t do this…

A Christmas tree made of skateboards


W-what even is this?! Looks like a Christmas tree experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong!

This unusual Christmas tree looks like two trees morphed together

U-uhm… Okay…. ?

A Christmas tree with only two eye ornaments

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