How To Plan a Holiday Party on a Budget

In order to throw the best party possible while staying on a budget, you have to get creative!

Your theme may be already set, but you need to make sure your party is anything but basic! Don’t panic-we’re here to help! Here is a list of our favorite party planning tips. Stick to these and you’ll be golden!

Staying within your budget can get tricky- trust us, we get it. However annoying it may be, budgeting is necessary when it comes to planning parties because it gives you set boundaries.

First thing’s first, create a budget list. Write down everything you need and then everything you want.Then figure out what is necessary and what you can live without. Decide how much you are willing to spend in each category and total it up. List making is just the beginning, here are some other tips: 

Say hello to Pinterest, your new best friend:

A DIY (do it yourself project) will save your wallet from crying. Instead of setting out to buy centerpieces, head to Walmart or even the Dollar Tree to get supplies to make your own.

Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas and tutorials on easy party decorations. They will also usually tell you exactly what supplies you will need. So, don’t spend your whole paycheck on things you’re going to throw away in a few hours; you can make equally as nice things for a fraction of the cost.

Your secret weapon:

Spray paint can transform decorations in a flash! The store doesn’t have the color decor you want? No biggie, pick up that $8 can of spray paint and make it the color you imagined. This works great for changing wood, plastic, and even fabric.

Wait! Don’t throw away that Amazon box:

You know all those times you threw out all that cardboard or shoe boxes because you thought you would never use any of it? Well, we’ve found its true calling. Say you wanted your own backdrop for some fun Instagram pictures. Backdrops can get expensive but with some help from cardboard, you can stick to your budget. Use cardboard with some construction paper or wrapping paper for the DIY Photo Booth of your dreams. Also,s use it to make signs for guest to hold up that say “naughty and nice.” The possibilities are endless.

Set a table Betty Draper would be proud of:

Having a dinner party? Investing in a few key serving dishes is a great idea. There’s no need to get a new set of plates specifically for this event, just keep your plates in mind when coming up with your palette. If you are entertaining a larger crowd, nice basic plates, in a single color, are an option you should look into.

Don’t forget to dress the table:

With this hack, you can make anything look brand new! No one wants to go out and buy new tables and chairs for a party, but your usual ones might not be appropriate. Draping simple fabrics over tables and chairs can change the whole dynamic of the party.

The main event:

Let’s be honest, most of your money will go to food. Don’t stress, there are different ways you can stay within budget while giving people amazing food. Instead of having a huge course or a lot of huge dishes, try having different stations that have a few food items at each area. Dessert bars, taco bars, and mashed potato bars are all excellent options everyone will enjoy-just ask about food restrictions. This one trick will help you save money and still allow you, beforehand, to maintain the parties aesthetic. 

With all these new tips, tricks, and hacks you’ll no doubt have an epic party on your hands, and still have enough cash for presents left in your wallet!