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Get Ugly has partnered with Feeding America to aid in ending hunger. This holiday season, help a family in need. When you purchase a sweater from us, you help feed 14 people a hot meal

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#GetUgly inspires people to celebrate their sense of humor and creativity. Our sweaters will allow you to harness these gifts and display your unique personality. Each of our sweaters has a unique, custom style from movie references to your favorite characters, Get Ugly Sweaters has something for you.
Drop societal expectations this year and go with your gut. Would you rather walk into your office, holiday party, or family gathering worrying about your outfit or would you rather throw on an extremely comfortable sweater that provides something to talk about? Awkwardness is real and especially apparent during the holidays. No one enjoys discussing politics or Aunt’s failing kidney. Our ugly sweaters will certainly limit the small talk or at least redirect it. Instead of your cousin’s disastrous dating life, you can chat about Santa’s DUI. Instead of deflecting questions about your willingness to produce grandchildren, simply ask, “Where My Ho’s At?”
Yes, looking ridiculous is fun and brings people together. But now it also helps people in need. When you buy one of our sweaters you will be feeding fourteen people a hot nutritious meal.

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Found it

Absolutely cute! they didn’t have a small like originally ordered but contacted me immediately and asked if i wanted a medium instead and i’m so glad because i’m able to wear it as a dress/oversized sweater. perfect quality.

Ashley Miller


Found it

I LOVE it!! By far the ugliest, adorable, comfortable, holiday sweaters.



Found it

Love this shirt! The office is my favorite show and the quality is so good!! Also supports a great cause! Love it!!


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