6 Best Holiday Drinking Games

It’s the holiday season. It’s cold outside. People are merrily singing all around you, your parents are bombarding you with questions about your single-status. To top it all off, you’ve drank enough eggnog to go up a pant size, and quite honestly, you’re pissed.

And what better way to deal with your anger than a handle of peppermint vodka?

Here are the best drinking games to help get you through this holiday season:

1) Santa’s Hat

Santa's hat drinking game

This is a personal favorite of ours because it involves a lot of laughs, a lot of alcohol and no end time.

Put on your favorite Netflix show or movie series to binge watch. Next, put a Santa hat in the corner of your screen. Every time the camera angle allows a person on the screen to appear as if wearing a Santa hat- drink!

This game can lead to as much sober hilarity as it can drunkenness, so give this a try next time you’re snowed in.


2) True American

New Girl characters playing True American

Ok, so, this one isn’t a true holiday drinking game, but it’s just as fun! From FOX’s hit TV Comedy, “New Girl,” True American has rules that are nearly impossible to follow. This means the drunker you get, the harder the game.

Rules include yelling names of past presidents, avoid the floor because it’s lava, and a LOT of drinking. As a truly interactive and immersive game, one can only play it with copious amounts of time and liquor. AKA after your family Christmas party when you’re off of school or work.



3) Drunk Christmas Karaoke

Friends wearing santa hats singing into a microphone

Similar to the game, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”- Christmas karaoke is the perfect time to show off your Michael Buble chops.

Get a karaoke machine (or a computer ready to google Karaoke versions of Christmas songs on youtube), a few bottles of your favorite alcohol and some friends. Take turns going up and have the audience pick a Christmas song for your friend to sing. If they get the lyrics wrong (because seriously, shouldn’t everyone know all the words to every holiday song ever created in commercial America?) they have to drink.


4) Drunk Christmas Pictionary/Charades

People playing charades in front of a Christmas tree

This is a pretty self-explanatory one. Play pictionary or charades as normal, and the losers have to drink each round. But to make this a holiday game, have all the options be holiday themed! It could be titles of Christmas songs, scenes from famous Holiday movies or even winter-themed objects.

Enjoy this drunken, holiday twist on a classic!


5) Dysfunctional Family Drinking Game

Family dressed in Christmas clothing raising their glasses

Another classic. Take a drink when…

  • A family member insults your appearance
  • Someone insults your major/career choice
  • A relative asks why you’re still single
  • A family member says something racist/sexist/Pro-Trump
  • The inevitable political/religious argument comes up
  • You have to politely laugh at a terrible joke
  • Someone has to pretend to like the present they received
  • A couple gets into a fight that leaves everyone else feelings awkward (your mom and dad, Aunt Debbie and her husband, etc)
  • You wish you could leave, crawl into your bed and watch Netflix

This one has been getting us through family Christmas parties for years!


6) The Holiday Work Party Drinking Game

Characters from The Office posing for a picture in Christmas clothing

Drink every time you have to pretend to like your co-workers. Have fun blacking out!

We hope you have fun this holiday season with the games mentioned above! Not into drunken debauchery? Opt for some hot chocolate and make a batch yourself with our recipe compilation!

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