The 5 Best Places to Find Ugly Sweaters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s obvious that ugly Christmas sweaters have become the go-to apparel for office Christmas parties, pre-break college  blowouts, or sipping eggnog at home.

Now that crazy Christmas sweaters have become the biggest fad since mistletoe, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with finding the perfect ugly sweater.

Check out our top 5 places to get ugly this holiday season.

1. Department Stores

Even some of the biggest low and high-end department stores have gotten on board with the trend. You’ll find a few of the ugliest options at your local TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Macy’s. Keep in mind, large retailers mean mass production. There’s a pretty good chance of your matching with other party goers.

2. Local Thrift Stores

The Christmas sweaters that once existed in your Grandmother’s musty closet has been reincarnated. You can find holiday party gold in places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and your local thrift stores. Definitely a cheaper option, but requires some digging and a few rounds in your washing machine.

3. Custom Order/ Handmade

Sites like Etsy make it easy for you to make your sweater as jingly, sparkly, and obnoxious as you want. This is the most time consuming and costly option, so be prepared to break the bank for this unique option.

4. Do It Yourself

While you’re making your own tree ornaments, reindeer treats, and thousands of other Pinterest projects, you might as well make your own ugly sweater. Grab a red sweatshirt, sparkles, jingle bells, pipe cleaners, and cotton balls from a craft supply store. Just hope that your DIY skill will make something wearable.

4. Get Ugly Sweaters

Why go out in the cold weather to search for a sweater when you can pour yourself a Christmas cocktail and have one delivered right to your door? Get Ugly Sweaters 100% unique in design (meaning you won’t find them anywhere else), super soft, and hilarious, but they have teamed up with Project Bread to give 14 hot meals to those in need for each sweater sold. The only thing better than buying the funniest Christmas sweater is knowing you’re helping to end hunger too!

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