Famously Ugly: Which Celebs Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters

From Kanye to Hilary Rodham Clinton, everyone’s rocking an ugly sweater this holiday season.  We love that celebrities wear Christmas sweaters just like us! Prominent figures of the screen and stage are personalizing their look with gauche styles of the 80s and 90s. Unacceptably accepted, the ugly sweater is back in action and (un)cooler than ever.  Take a look at these super famous sweater-wearing stars!


Your Sweater is a Wonderland

Image courtesy of www.youtube.com

Back in ’09 John Mayer embraced a classic-sweater look on Ellen. Since then, the sweaters have only gotten crazier.


Folks at Home, Don’t Try and Pull This Off

Image courtesy of www.popsugar.com

Beyonce Knowles’ take on a “holiday look.”  Over the top? Absolutely. But making a statement is the name of the game.



A Very (Ugly) Murray Christmas

Image courtesy of www.people.com

Two stars in one! Sofia Coppola has worked with Billy Murray on several projects including a must watch Xmas special. This sweater exudes excellence.


These Sweaters are Stone-Cold

Image courtesy of www.instyle.com

What a pose! Even though the people are fake, the sweaters (and corgis) are real. And good enough for royalty. Madame Tussaud has doctored up The Queen and her heirs for a special kind of Christmas celebration.

Have a Merry Yeezus!

Image courtesy of www.glamour.com

While clearly on a mission, Kanye and his little snowman friend look possessed by holiday cheer.


A Clinton Christmas

Image courtesy of www.glamour.com

Hillary Clinton contemplates her new look as she ditches the pantsuit for a Christmas cardigan.

A Classy Christmas

Image courtesy of www.usatoday.com

It’s sometimes difficult to be classy in your everyday ugly sweater. TJ Miller doesn’t have that problem. His sweater-blazer hybrid has the power to melt icicles, stoke fires, and roast chestnuts this winter season.



The Mini-Me Sweater

Image courtesy of www.eonline.com

Kevin Hart will have no trouble fitting down a chimney this Christmas Eve as he becomes even smaller as cartoon Santa.


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